Chicken and Rice Cookbook: 20 Healthy Dishes (Jeen’s favorite rice recipes Book 1)

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Chicken and Rice Cookbook - 20 Healthy Dishes

While chicken and rice can be monotonous if you cook them incorrectly, this collection of recipes is anything but boring. It utilizes ingredients and cooking techniques from all over the world to produce a rich and interested series of meals based around these basic staples.

You may be surprised by how interesting simple chicken and rice can become. From classic American chicken and rice soup to Scottish cock a leekie or Japanese oyako-don, there's something for almost anyone.

From traditional full-fat recipes to light, gluten-free and diabetic-friendly options, this book offers chicken and rice dishes for almost every diet.

It also provides options for both new and experienced cooks. Whether you're comfortable making your own tomato spice mix or you'd rather put together a quick recipe from prepared ingredients, there's an option for you.

Every recipe can be adjusted to suit your own personal tastes or requirements.

Substitute your favorite vegetables, adjust the spice ratios, or switch to brown or red rice.

All these recipes make a great starting place for your own signature creations.

Chicken and rice are so affordable, readily available and versatile that you'll be able to enjoy a whole world of options.

This book may not contain every chicken and rice recipe that's out there, but it offers plenty of great places to start.


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