Ajika Organic Advieh-Persian 7 Spice Blend, 2-Ounce


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Our Organic Advieh- Persian 7 Spice Blend can be simply stirred through rice or couscous, or it may be used more elaborately in a dynamic Persian pilaf. Persian Advieh can also be used as a marinade by adding oil or yogurt and rubbing onto meats or vegetables. Persia or Iran and its superb culture has had infuence over parts of Iraq, Afghanistan, Russia and even Turkey and India.The Persians have mastered the art of cooking with nuts, herbs and dried fruits to make stews served over rice and with flat breads. Saffron, pomegranates, mint, dill, fenugreek leaves, nuts, lamb, black limes, apricots, and barberries dominate Persian/Iranian cuisine. Its main dishes are grilled meats, rice, yogurt and slow-simmered stews. You can start enjoying healthy Persian cuisine today from your own pantry! Our Organic Advieh spice blend spice blend is a healthy alternative to restaurant favorites. All authentic Persian dishes take only minutes to prepare and enjoy with Ajika Persian spice blends. Our pure, organic spices are carefully hand-blended in small batches without any salt, msg., or additives.


  • Salt free, no MSG, all natural, pure spices hand blended in small batches in Minneapolis, MN.
  • Add pure, delicious flavor and zest to your cooking naturally.
  • Authentic global taste that celebrates and enhances fresh ingredients.
  • Our blends are not spicy. Add your own chilies if you like hot foods.
  • Over 600 blends, seasonings, mixes, meals and organic spices. Call us at 952-593-3000 for more info.


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